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SLM CHROME COBALT FRAMES (selective laser melted)

Since early 2016 all of our Chrome frames have been digitally designed and laser printed. Gillian, our chrome technician was the first in the UK to help develop this technique  and adopt this method in a commercial laboratory (you can read the case study in downloads).

This type of printing gives many advantages over the traditional cast frameworks - frames are, lighter, stronger and more flexible. We can achieve a perfect fit every time as there is no shrinkage of the chrome on casting, as there would be with the older hand casting method.

Gillian has been designing and manufacturing chromes for over 30 years now and likes to think her feminine touch adds to the delicacy of her frames. Many dental surgeons lack confidence when it comes to chromes, a fear that can be laid to one side once you realise that our frames fit and function effortlessly time after time.

Chromes can be made from traditional impressions and models or from digital scans. The choice is yours.

Read the case study between Egan's and Renishaw under the download tab

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